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Medium Size Ledge

BirdSlide can be positioned on a medium size ledges up to 6.5" so that it is flush with the edge of the ledge and the 'trim area' is maintained.



BirdSlide™ is available in a standard gray and can be painted to match any building color. Most home improvement stores provide excellent choices of exterior coat paints that will work well with this product. To achieve a quality, well-camouflaged result when painting BirdSlide™, preparation is key. You can find a more complete description of painting tips by referring to the BirdSlide™ Installation Guide provided with your purchase.



For best installation results, we recommend a commercial grade, weather resistant, urethane based adhesive. Please refer to your local pest control distributor company for adhesive suggestions or call our technical support department for a list of appropriate adhesives. (Ultimate Bond)


Custom Parts

For large commercial bird control work BirdSlide™ can be
pre-ordered in custom sizes, custom colors, custom cuts and prefabricated for fast and easy installation. To order additional product or custom parts please contact your representative for further details.




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